Remember the login services you use is an extension that learns the login service you use on each website and let's you know which to use when you need it later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does work in every website?

No, but we estimate that it works on 90% of the cases. This is because login buttons can be coded in an infinity of ways and in some cases it might be impossible for our algorithm to detect them. If you find a website where it doesn't work send it to us so we can continue improving our algorithm.

Where is my data stored?

On your computer. Local Storage is used as there is no need to access data anywhere else.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. We might charge processing fees.

Upcoming features

Manual Addition

By enabling manual addition of your preferences it will be possible to have your preferences saved when our algorithm can't detect them.

Algorithm Improvement

We are looking into improving our algorithm with Machine Learning methods to better detect login buttons in the variety of ways they are coded.

Firefox and Safari will have a version for Firefox and Safari too. Existing customers of the extension will have access to these versions too.

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